Complete motorcycle wash

We carry out a standard cleaning, ideal to keep the motorcycle in the best condition. A recommended wash every one or two months for those of us who constantly use the vehicle.

How is cleaning done?

We use specific products for each part of the motorcycle. Each material has different needs and we take care of them separately. With ultra-soft microfiber cloths we clean each part as it deserves.

To clean the fairing we use a product that contains carnauba wax with triple action; It encapsulates dirt to prevent it from scratching the vehicle when cleaning it, leaves a layer of varnish that protects from external agents and lastly, leaves a shine that makes it look like it just came from the dealership. In addition, we clean and nourish the exterior plastics to restore their original shine and make them last much longer.

We take great care when cleaning the engine parts, exhaust pipe and shock absorbers, in addition to cleaning the rims by hand.

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    Complete motorcycle wash