Join the franchise that is revolutionizing
the world of cleaning

The sustainable revolution made franchise

The sustainable revolution
made franchise

Plazy, the sustainable revolution made franchise

A business model
automated and sustainable

We have developed a model that automates daily operations using technology, so you only have to focus on growing the business. From our platform you will be able to see sales, the status of services… You will have everything you need to manage your business and achieve your objectives.

A low risk business

No structure cost

You don’t need your own premises. All equipment is rented so it is easy to regulate demand

Turnkey business

When to start is up to you. We help you find the first Plaziers and we will even give you clients so that your area does not start from scratch

Support for growth

We have all the automated operations so that you can dedicate yourself to more valuable tasks, while you monitor the business

What they say about us in the media

We want your business to go alone

Specialized advice and constant support

We give you the keys and help you get new recurring clients so you can only focus on growing

Operations specialists

Our team will help you manage people to help you automate absolutely everything. The platform will notify you if there are deviations from main KPIs so that you don’t have to worry about anything.

Recruitment specialists

Our model is focused on B2B. Every day we reach agreements with large and small companies to generate a large volume of washes. We have a marketing team to support you with sales materials or even force meetings with local companies.

We want you to only focus on growing

If at any time there is a process that generates worthless work for you, raise your hand and we will help you solve it. Everything has to work itself. You just think about how to expand the business.

Convenience and free time!

A clear model for companies that also automates the end consumer

Our model is aimed at companies with a fleet of vehicles with cleaning services, MOT management, transfer…

But thanks to automation, the end consumer can make reservations or even subscribe.

What is the profile of our franchisees?

Great entrepreneurial spirit

Capital greater than €10,000

Desire to grow

Business service skills


Your vehicle service franchise in a few steps


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    Why open a franchise with Plazy?

    All the proposals that exist on the market have their difference. We offer an intelligent investment proposal since with very little investment, you can open your business and manage it in a simple way. Our differential, apart from sustainability, is technology. This is what really drives our project.

    Low investment: With Plazy you can start your vehicle services business with a very low initial investment. The best of all is that you do not have to set up a premises, there are no structure or furniture costs, so the risk is very low.

    Orders through our platform:  We provide you with customer service so that both your companies and your end customers can be attended to at all times. This means that our partner can have more time to optimize the business and make it grow. In addition, you will also be able to see the percentage of guaranteed washes for future months so you can sleep peacefully, thanks to our subscription programs.

    Service for companies:  We offer good service to companies with a vehicle fleet. We save them a lot of time and money in fleet management, in addition to helping them write the Sustainability Report, which is now becoming mandatory in medium-sized companies. In addition to cleaning, we offer ITV management, inspections in workshops, transfer…

    For end user:  We have built a platform in which the end customer can make the reservation themselves, seeing the available spaces and paying online. Our platform offers him the best space for him and for the business, optimizing agendas and routes with our order entry algorithm. In addition, the platform itself recommends to the client which service they should choose, so that they are well advised at all times.

    Subscription model:  Many of our customers are repeat customers. Currently, in areas that have been open for more than a year, we have already secured almost 50% of the washes throughout the year, which gives a lot of financial peace of mind and helps you focus on growth.

    Omnichannel and technology to manage the business:  We give you access to our powerful management platform where you can see everything that happens in the company, from the status of services to how much benefit each worker brings you. We offer entrepreneurs a very powerful technological product, with its own and constantly evolving software that completely automates daily operations, allowing you to focus only on growth. We are the first company in the sector to use powerful technology in operations.

    Constantly growing sector: The vehicle sector is growing. More and more logistics companies are appearing, with different vehicles and needs, but with one thing clear. They don’t want to spend a lot of time and money maintaining the fleet. That’s what we’re here for, to provide support in that area. Furthermore, sustainability is already one of the first concerns in companies, already creating the profile of Chief Sustainability Officer and granting them positions on Executive Committees. We are there to help you write the EINF and the Sustainability Report.

    Purpose beyond business:  The most important part, Plazy is a socially committed company. We have agreements with foundations to hire personnel at risk of exclusion, giving stable work to people who are eager to contribute and work. We save water and CO2 emissions with our sustainable and home delivery services. We also help the cities where we operate to have less and less useless traffic as we travel to carry out scheduled services.

    Our path is clear

    We launched the model in 2020, after the pandemic, winning some awards during confinement. The objective was to quickly validate the model and we achieved it. From there we began to open new cities to validate the model on a large scale and we achieved it again. We have grown x3 in three years and without a large investment behind it.

    As you can see, Plazy is not a conventional service franchise. If you want more information about our business, you can fill out the form to obtain our dossier and resolve any questions with one of our specialized agents.